About GeniusMinds 

Getting a student involved in learning is an art and understanding through audio and visual technique is the best and the most effective way of enjoying and learning this form of art. We the specialists in smart way of learning offer nothing but the best- because good education is the basis of evolution.

Started in 2016 with the vision of reforming education paradigm, Alfadesk has inched forward to a space where education meets excellence. Over the years, we have been striving hard to cater to the present day needs of schools, teachers, parents and above all the STUDENTS. Our forte lies in offering students a convenient platform to study through e-learning.

With changing times, we in the education field also need to evolve, hence, our mission is to provide visual teaching experience to students as there is strong and instant connect with animated content rather than plain text books. The most difficult concepts are made easy with our 2D-3D animation based content.

We also provide the largest K-12 multimedia repository of content from class 1 to class 12th in a host of languages including English and Hindi. We are one of the pioneers in providing offline learning with all the course material available in the form of CDs, Pen Drive, SD Card as well as Tablets.

Breakthrough to Excellence

“GeniusMinds” is an innovative and comprehensive education system which focuses on self-paced multimedia based learning. It offers the largest K-12 multimedia repository of content that is well mapped to the state boards such as CBSE, ICSE and many more. It introduces the child to the wonderful world of e-learning through interactive lessons, activities and quizzes. The main aim is to make learning enjoyable and it is done with ease through more than 5,000 modules that offer high quality visual and animation based content.

At GeniusMinds, we believe that with technology we can transcend traditional boundaries and truly enable customized self-paced learning. Our experienced team of educationists and technologists is passionate about changing the status quo and challenging one another continuously to provide a seamless product that empowers tomorrow's leaders. We have introduced numerous innovations in the areas of content, delivery formats, reports, assessments, gamification techniques and many more.

Serious Software, Friendly Company.

But as much as we love building beautiful software, we think our people and company culture are our most important assets. Our engineers spend years mastering their craft, bringing together decades of engineering expertise to produce a real work of art. When you choose GeniusMinds, you get more than just a single product or a tightly integrated suite. You get our commitment to continuous refinement and to improving your experience. And you get our relentless devotion to your satisfaction.