Examination Management System 

Colleges can conduct in-house examination via examination management system. The examination management software supports the layout and pattern of all types of examinations. This module of educational ERP has customization options for marks and grade based examinations.

Examination Management Software Divides The Total Examination Work Into The Following:

1. Defines And Creates The Examination System, This Includes,

  • Course creation
  • Subjects
  • Examination scheme
  • Exam ordinances like grace and condonation rules
  • Examination evaluation patterns
  • Grading criteria

2. Creates Student Details For Examination Registration Like,

  • Student's data entry
  • Exam Seat Allotment
  • Subject-wise registration of students

3. Manages Preparatory Examination Work And Examination Schedule Generation Such As,

  • Examination timetable and hall ticket
  • Attendance sheet generation
  • Counterfoil reports
  • Student count reports
  • Seat arrangement
  • Entry of absenteeism and unfair means entry

4. Records Marks Entry And Result Calculation; To List A Few Functionalities,

  • Marks and grade entry
  • Grade allotment and calculation
  • Scrutiny and finalization of results
  • Printing of TR, grade cards, gazettes, merit lists and transcripts
  • Result analysis reports